Big Game Tuna Trolling Swimbait 1kg 41cm

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 Another quality product from OD'S Lures. Singles or 2 pack of 2 colours.

Deep Sea 6 Section Hard trolling Lure. 2 Styles of swimbaits to choose from. A brilliant replication of colours and patterns of the real thing. 2x 3/0 gangs included.

Weighing 1kg and 410mm long.

These are an awesome deep sea trolling swimbait. Great for targeting all your surface pelagics from Dolphin fish, Kingies, Tuna Wahoo to Spanish mackerel, sailfish and more.

2 Hooks points on the belly. Suits large trebles, inline singles or both. A large rattle is located in the head to help with trolling performance and noise attraction.

Excellent quality, ABS construction with a flexible 6 section lifelike moment under tow. Simulates the movement of a real fish.