200 pcs SJA Split Rings 5-9 mm. Flat pressed 304 stainless

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Premium quality flattened 304 grade stainless split rings, Box of 200 pcs. 5 sizes, 40 X each size. 5,6,7,8,9.

There’s nothing worse than losing a fish within sight of the boat and discover that a failed split ring was the culprit. Always ensure that you use the strongest and most durable split rings available and you’ll never have to worry.

We have used these on thousands of our jigs and they have never let anyone down.

Perfect weight and pull rating for assist rigs, vibes, lures etc.

Packed in a convenient box.  Sizes are the outside  diameter.

Certified pull rating -- 5# -11kg / 6# - 17kg / 7# - 28kg / 8# - 35kg / 9# - 43kg- Guaranteed minium.