Fat Slow Pitch Jigs. Rigged. 250g-6 Colours

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 Quality fat 250g jigs. 6 Colours to choose from, rigged with one set of tested quality 7/0 assist hooks.

High current and strong wind condition compatible. Centre balanced jig flattens and rotates on the fall Fluttering action on the drop

 Realistic recessed 3d eyes. Designed to move with a highly unpredictable stagger to mimic an injured baitfish

The dense and compact body design of this jig allows it to fish deep waters and get to the strike zone quickly, all whilst fluttering to attract fish on the way down.

Fantastic for all those deeper dwelling monsters, especially with it's extreme glow.

As with all jigs we recommend a separate solid ring be added for leader attachment 8.2# or 9.5#


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