Lumo Octo Jigs Rigged. TPR Tough Singles. 100g - 450g

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4 Colours to choose from.100g 150g 200g 250g 300g 350g 400g 450g
.All have lumo heads - green - white have lumo tentacles 
. Realistic 3d eyes.
.Uv reactive colours with silver flecks through the head.
.Tenticles constructed from TPR 10x tough material.
.One set of 5x tough assist hooks. High carbon steel, flat pressed sides for extra strength. Super sharp. 5/0-100g to 11/0-450g

Whether bouncing it off the bottom, slow trolling or slow pitch jigging, this rig attracts most species, snapper, reds, aj's, kingies, reefies etc.  

These jigs don't need to be worked much, usually very slowly works best, even just leave them in the rod holder in the strike zone and let the boat motion and current do the work.making it look alive. Even try spicing them with some bait.