3D LIVE PRAWN 90mm 9g TPR 10x - 5\10 Packs of 5 Colours.

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 5 / 10 packS of 5 colours. VMC weedless-TPR 10x tough.

90mm-9g-3D copied  Prawn closely replicates the saltwater prawn found throughout Australia.

Pre rigged with a concealed weighted VMC weedless hook.

Luminous eyes and a built in rattle provides extra vibration and sound, effectively ringing the dinner bell.

From the ridiculously lifelike detail in the head, right through to the flexible legs and feelers to the fanned tail, the 3D Prawn screams ‘eat me!’

The lures are constructed from sturdy xtra tough TPR (Thermoplastic rubber) Reinforced with kevlar mesh through the joints of the tail. They will stand up to the punishment they will receive.

We have chosen 5 highly effective colours and come packed in a handy reusable foil zip seal bag.

Do not allow TPR lures to touch other non TPR products. This can cause a chemical reaction which can melt or deform the material, however you can store TPR lures with other TPR lures safely.