Rigged Soft Plastic Octo jigs. Scented. 60g 150mm

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Rigged 3D soft plastic octo jigs. These thing are amazing. Can be cast, trolled or jigged. Give em a crack, they won't disappoint.

NB - Due to low  stock the 5 pack has some colours doubled up.

5 great highly luminous colours.

Constructed from sturdy and flexible soft plastic. Pre rigged with one set of 3/0 Hooks. Simply add a snap swivel and they are good to go.

Added aniseed scent greatly expands the strike zone driving fish crazy, allowing you to catch more fish.

The uv, luminous squid is a great 3d replica, has a life like action in the water. Has holographic 3d eyes.

The action of the tentacles and thin wings flutter even with the slightest movement of the water .

Can be left in the rod holder with the movement of the water and rod tip doing all the work. Easily  resulting in catching fish. Another great one for the wife and kids.




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