5 Pack 3D Rigged Slow Pitch Jigs. 21g-150g.

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5 Packs- one of each design. Available in 21g 28g 40g 60g 80g 120g 150g- 5 lifelike designs. Luminous belly.
NB- Due to very low stock some colours may be doubled up.

These slow pitch jigs adopt 3D printing technology. Features natural 3D fish body with 3D printed laser foil and 3D life-like eyes

Unique fish scale design creates and reflects light to attract predator. Multi-layer coating prevent peeling and gives optimal light refraction,fish cannot resist biting these things.

The jigs are rigged with high strength stainless steel assist hooks, strong sharp, and corrosion resistant, allowing for quicker penetration and fighting with big predators.

Appx. jig lengths. 21g-55mm, 28g-65mm, 40g-72mm, 60g-80mm, 80g-87mm, 120g-100mm, 150g-110mm.

Try throwing these at tuna and other pelagics, they love them.