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Available in 5 packs of one size, 30g-200g. 5 colours.

NB Colours can vary between sizes and occasionally we may run out of a colour and be substituted with another.

Give these a crack when the current or wind is strong. Very productive slow pitch style.

Great action, super strong luminous glow. Pre rigged with one set of quality twin assists.

The slender, center weighted design easily cuts through the water.  it's deadly and ideally suited for deeper water, high current and wind compatible.

However this style jig will keep you connected in nearly every depth and condition and attracts even the wariest predators from surface to sea floor.

The LONG TOM has an impressive sliding action and is extremely versatile and easy to fish in slow and high pitch applications. It is an absolute tuna and kingy murderer and MUST-HAVE in every slow pitch arsenal.


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