SJA FLAT FALL RIGGED 5 Pack. 1x 40g-120g

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5 Pack of 5 sizes. Our rigged Flat Fall slow pitch jigs. 1x 40g 60g 80g 100g 120g. Random colours.
Great pack for reef fishing, covering a wide range of depths and run.
Pre rigged with one set of our wide gap assist hooks.These hooks are the perfect match to these jigs, they do not affect the action of the jig and are strong and rust resistant.

Proven slow fall design with great  erratic motion, irresistible to any fish around, Even Barra love them. Luminous for dawn,dusk and night, situations. They certainly get fish in the esky.
For that extra chance of a hookup, a second set of our SJA wide gap or BKK short assist hooks can be added;