SJA TRAX 130 Tough Soft Plastic Vibe 63g 130mm - BKK- Lumo

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SJA TRAX VIBE. 130mm 63g. 7 Effective Colours to choose from. Great introductory price.

Available in singles, 2 packs and a value 7 pack.

Built with a deep body shape that has a well balanced design with strategic weight distribution that gives it a thumping vibration and maximum depth. It creates more vibration than other soft vibes at fast or slow speeds.

All lures are uv active underwater and 4 fully luminous, making them more effective in the day and great for night sessions.

Made from ultra-tough TPE material. Allowing it to stretch up to 10x its original length. This makes for an incredibly tough body that can be used again and again and giving life like movement.

Full internal hard wire construction for fantastic strength.

Fitted with BKK Ultimate trebles. Size 1#

Great for targeting fish throughout the entire water column. Maxi can be fished deeper and get there faster than other lures, Suitable for up to 60m of water.

TRAX can be used for casting or working vertically and can stay in the strike zone longer because you can use it slower.

NB- please don't store these with other types of soft plastics.