3 Packs 8 inch TPE 10x Stretch Octopus Skirts 200mm Luminous 38g

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Premium 38g Octopus skirts 200mm (8"0) 3 Packs of one colour or 3 packs of 3 colours. 
3 Colours available. 2 fully luminous and one uv active .

Can be used for various purposes, making your own creative octo jigs, covering large baits and  replacements for bkk inked octo jigs.

Made from ultra-tough and environmentally friendly TPE material, allowing it to stretch up to 10x more than the standard pvc products.
10 times its original length before even looking like breaking. This makes for an incredibly tough body that can be used again and again, giving lifelike movement.

Toughest quality plastics around.

NB-do not store TPE with other types of plastics.