Acrab Bait Casting / Micro Jigging Reel 7.3:1- 212g-10kg- 6bb- R/H.

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1. Model Name: ACRAB- by Ceramo Reels

Reel Type: R/H Bait Casting / Micro Jigging Reel. - Free jig included.

Ultra light aluminum alloy spool features extremely smooth casting.

One way clutch anti-reverse system.

Magnetic braking system.

Durable copper alloy main shaft and gear will achieve 10kg of drag power and extend the using lift.

The body and cover is made of high strength nylon composite ensuring the body is very strong and durable. 60% added fibreglass to PA ( nylon plastic) increases the mechanical properties, dimensional stability, heat resistance and aging resistance of PA. The fatigue strength is 5 times higher than that of an unreinforced reel.

Gear Ratio: 7.3:1

Power: 10kg

Handle: two styles included.

Spool: two included

Color:  Pink,Green

Capacity. 1.5# - 180m

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