Inked Octo Jig BKK TPE 10x Tough. 60g-300g. Deep/ Shallow Packs

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Shallow pack - 1x 60g 110g 150g.

Deep pack - 1x 200g 250g 300g

The inked soft octo jig is a realistic 3d model of a real octopus. A very productive jig.The inked jig can slow release non-toxic soluble scented ink from tablets, which can be added into the head cavity. 12 scented black ink tablets included.

3 Great colours. grassy glow is full glow; rusty brown has luminous eyes. all 3 are uv active.

Weiights- 60g 110g 150g 200g 250g 300g (ozs. 2.1/3.9/5.3/7/8.8/10.5)

Made from ultra-tough and environmentally friendly TPE material, allowing it to stretch
10 times its original length before even looking like breaking. This makes for an incredibly tough body that can be used again and again, giving lifelike movement.

Premium BKK rigging with luminous thread.

These guys don't need to be worked much, usually very slowly works best, even just leave them in the rod holder in the strike zone and let the boat motion and current do the work.making it look alive. The action of the tentacles wafting up and down in the water is super impressive.

NB-do not store TPE with other types of plastics.