Broadwater Pack. 14 Jigs 40g-100g & Custom Jig Bag

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Broadwater 14 Pack of our pre rigged slow pitch jigs. 8 flat falls and 6 backbones.

40g - 100g includes one custom jig bag. Designed  to cover a wider range of depths and currents. Quality rigging. All proven designs and colours.

Flat fall, 2X- 40g 60g 80g 100g Proven slow fall design with great erratic side to side motion, luminous.  Even flathead and barra love them.

Backbone,- 2x- 60g 80g 100g, random colours. The action of this jig is super impressive, with the center weighted spine moulded into the back creates a spin and twist on the rise.on the fall it does a barrel roll then erratically shoots off in any direction like a fleeing bait fish.

Jig bag, Custom waterproof medium jig bag. 53.5cm X 23cm. These are made of the highest quality 600d pvc and vinyl, extremely durable and tough. Six separate Velcro sections inside and 2 convenient pouches outside for accessories. Excellent for jigs with double assist setups, soft plastics, vibes, squid jigs etc. The mesh on the back is super tough. Simply hose the mesh after a day's fishing and hang out to dry.




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