Deadly Explosion Octo Jigs. 60g-120g Lumo.

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The Deadly Explosion is our latest custom designed octo style jig with an overdose of flouro coloured tentacles. 60g 80g 100g 120g - 5 Designs to choose from.

Each jig head is luminous with one full glow. Quality holographic laser foil. Extra clear coats for a longer lasting lure.

The fluorescent uv tentacles have strong colours and glow bright in the water as the light rays react with the foil and tentacles.

Rigged with two strong, sharp, rust resistant high carbon steel hooks. We have tested these to over 25kg.

Recessed 3d holographic eyes.

Awesome slow jig on all reef species including snapper.

Slowing your technique right down is the most important thing with these. Hover the jig over the seabed or in the strike zone and the jig does the rest. We studied the action of the jig underwater and found that when you keep the lure still in the water, all the tentacles continue  wafting around with the tidal and boat movement making the lure look alive. So fish them really slowly. Or just leave it in the rod holder. the jig will do the rest. Great fun for the wife and kids.

This style of fishing seems to work particularly well on slow days when the fish are not that keen to bite. They can be DEADLY.

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