Flashing Backbone Jigs,150g 200g LED Disco light- Spare Hooks

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SJA Limited edition Flashing Backbone jigs. Available in 150g and 200g.

These slow pitch jigs have it all. 1 Spare 2nd set of 7/0 assists included ready to fit.

Built in water activated disco led light. Multi coloured, flashing at different intervals between colours.  Long lasting replaceable battery.

2 Luminous colours to choose from. Extra flash diamond eye on the back. Silicon tassels.

Pe rigged with one set of twin, super strong rust resistant 7/0 hooks. 5x strong. Why not be greedy and add a second set of hooks to your cart for that better chance of a hookup.

The action of these jigs is super impressive, with the center weighted spine moulded into the back creates a spin and twist on the rise.on the fall it does a barrel roll then erratically shoots off in any direction like a fleeing bait fish.

These things attract predators from far and wide forcing them to strike, even on those quiet days when nothing else works. They have got to be one of the best slow pitch jigs on the market today.




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