SJA Flat Fall Jigs Rigged 5 Pack of One Size, 40g - 350g.

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5 Pack of SJA Flat Fall jigs - 5 colours. 40g-250g.


Proven slow fall design with a great erratic slow falling motion, Even Barra love them. One of the original and best flat fall designs. Luminous which also makes them great for low light situations and night jigging. They certainly get fish in the esky.

 Pre rigged with one set of super sharp assist hooks, These hooks are the perfect match to these jigs, they do not affect the action of the jig. Strong and rust resistant.                              

For that extra chance of a hookup, a second set of SJA assist hooks can be added; 

  80g-120g ;  4/0
100g-150g ; 5/0
170g- 200g- 250g ; 7/0
300g- 350g ; 9/0

Great for no to low current situations

 Jig lengths

40g 68mm

60g 78mm

80g 87mm

100g 92mm

150g 108mm

200g 117mm

250g 128mm

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