Full Glow Inchiku Snapper jigs. 80g-200g BKK

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 Full glow inchiku Snapper jigs. Highly lumo jigs and skirts. BKK 5/0 rigged.

Available in 2 packs of 80g 100g 120g 150g 180g 200g. Also 6 pack of 6 sizes.

Pre rigged with super tough 5/0 BKK assist hooks. 

125mm Lumo skirts and bead. Skirt colours can vary.

An awesome fish-catching jig. The original design developed in Japan. It's a must-have for targeting Snapper and other reef fish, including kingies, tuna and more.

These are easy to work. Slow is better. Even leave them in rod holder and let the rod tip do the work. Simply allow the Jig to hit the bottom (and they get there fast ) then a slow retrieve, with a slow jigging action.

A must have to add to your arsenal of jigs.