Baited octo jig Triple gang repalcements Wide Gap. 2 Packs. 5/0 7/0 9/0

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Triple Bait assist hooks. Wide gap. Great for presenting big baits, like whole squid, pillies, fillets etc.  Can be used for your normal large bait fishing, as a jig assist, on a bait paternoster rig or as a baited jig head and snapper jig replacement.

Luminous squid skirt and bead. 2 Sets per pack. Available in 5/0. 7/0. 9/0 sets.


  • Multi use jig skirt, very effective with or without bait
  • 3 Super sharp wide gape 5/0-7/0-9/0 Triple Assist Hooks.
  • Strong rating-22kg/25kg/30kg.
  • Effective strong wide gape hooks. Better hook up rate.
  • Hooks bound by glow thread and bead.
  • 200 lb assist cord.

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