OD'S Jointed Swim Baits- 120mm 150mm 255mm- 21g, 36g,140g. OD'S Pro Lures

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 Great 3D mac. tuna design. 3 Sizes - 4.8" 120mm 21g/ 6" 150mm 36g/ 10" 255mm 140g.

OD'S Pro Lures. One of the best in the business- 4 Segmented Jointed Swimbait is one the best selling fishing lures, it's just like a real fish swimming in the water when you retrieve of troll the lure. It has ultra-sharp treble hooks and well-painted 3D colors. Amazing value, don't miss out.

These lures can be trolled or cast and retrieved. Let them sink to the strike zone and retrieve. They work on everything from Murray cod to Barra, jacks and dollys.

  • Slow Sinking, Lifelike Swimming Action
  • Durable Material, Sharp Treble Hooks
  • 3D Realistic Eyes, Bult-in rattles.
  • Quality high carbon steel trebles 4x, tough enough for those large predators 
  • High quality ABS. metal-jointed design, strong enough for the largest fish.