LIMITED EDITON Backbone VALUE 15 Pack 60g-120g. 5 Rattles.Custom Jig Bag. 5 Spare Hooks

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We have put together this great value Backbone bundle. BKK rigged.

 5 new exciting, highly effective luminous designs. We incorporated some of the most effective colours and patterns into just 5 jigs.

Pe rigged with BKK hooks. They are super sharp, strong and rust resistant. These are a perfect match for these jigs, they do not affect the action of the jig.

The action of this jig is super impressive, with the center weighted spine moulded into the back creates a spin and twist on the rise and on the fall it does a barrel roll then erratically shoots off in any direction like a fleeing bait fish.
Extra luminous painted stripes and more clear coats added for longer lasting jig finish. Great for dawn,dusk and night jigging. They certainly get fish in the esky.

Pack includes-

5x 60g 80g 120g- 5 designs.

Medium  custom jig bag

5x Pack of spare BKK assist hooks, custom made for adding as a second set.

5x jig rattles- add these to the bottom on quiet days.