LIMITED EDITON Mega BKK 30 Pack 60g 80g 120g + XTRAS

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We have put together this great value bundle. 30 Pack of BKK rigged custom backbone and flat fall jigs in 60g 80g 120g. one custom large jig bag,10 spare BKK hooks,10 octopus skirts. 


Extra luminous painted stripes and more clear coats added for longer lasting jig finish.

30 Pack includes--

5x 60g Backbone jigs, 5x 60g Flat Fall jigs

5x 80g Backbone jigs, 5x 80g Flat Fall jigs

5x 120g Backbone jigs, 5x Flat Fall jigs

10 Pack BKK assist hooks, custom made for adding as a second set.

10 pack of lumo 5cm octopus skirts.

One Large custom jig bag

They all come pre rigged One set of luminous BKK assist hooks.

FLAT FALL  Proven slow fall design with a great erratic motion, Even Barra love them. Luminous for dawn,dusk and night jigging. 

BACKBONE  The action of this jig is super impressive, with the center weighted spine moulded into the back creates a spin and twist on the rise and on the fall it does a barrel roll then erratically shoots off in any direction like a fleeing bait fish.

JIG BAG LARGE. Custom design quality 600D vinyl and mesh back. 65cm x 27cm. These are made of the highest quality pvc and vinyl . Six separate Velcro sections one side and 2 convenient pouches the other side for accessories. Great for jigs with 2 sets of hooks, soft plastics etc. Simply hose the back through the mesh after a day's fishing and hang up to dry.

BKK assist hooks. 10 Pack of custom made lumo 3/0 BKK short assists, specific length for adding as a second set to your jigs without hooking up on the top set. Split rings supplied.

Octopus skirts. 10 pack of luminous 50mm skirts. Random colours.

 We believe you won't find better.100% satisfaction guaranteed or we'll buy them back.