Soft Plastic Transam Vibes 43g 115mm. 10x Tough. BKK

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Made heavier for deeper reef fishing.

Premium 115mm 43g soft plastic vibes. 5 Colours. BKK. TPE 10x tough..

Also available in 5 pack of 5 colours.

Factory direct. Offers excellent value. Don't pay over 20 bucks each for a similar lure.

Made from 10x Stretch, ultra-tough and environmentally friendly TPE material. Allowing the plastic to stretch an incredible 10 times its original length before even looking like breaking. This makes for an incredibly tough body that can be used again and again, giving lifelike movement and a strong vibration.

Excellent uv activated qualities under the water.

Rigged with 2 sets of BKK ultimate 4x strong trebles. larger size 4#. Great for reef fish.

3D holographic eyes. Forked tail for life like presentation. Works on most fresh and saltwater predators.

NB-do not store TPE with other types of plastics.