VOLOKE Octopus Skirted Jigs 6/0. 30g. 25cm

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Voloke  Lumo Octopus skirted jigs. 6/0. 30g. 255mm.
Great to use with or without baits. Fish can't see the wire line.

Highly luminous. Rigged using 120lb - 32 strand stainless through wire. 3x quality 6/0 hooks. Top swivel and bottom loop for attaching weights if needed.

Excellent style jig for targeting Reef species such as Coral Trout, Snapper, Reds, Tuskys and Sweetlip. Also good mackeral, taylor and salmon rig.
Especially great for those night sessions.

Slowing your technique right down is the most important thing with these. Hover the jig over the seabed or in the strike zone and the jig does the rest. We studied the action of the jig underwater and found that when you keep the lure still in the water, it keeps moving around with the tidal and boat movement making the lure look alive. So fish them really slowly. Or just leave it in the rod holder. the jig will do the rest. Great fun for the wife and kids.

This style of fishing seems to work particularly well on slow days when the fish are not that keen to bite.