TPE10x Stretch. Soft Plastic Octo Jigs-Rigged -21g-110mm-4/ 6 Packs.

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 6 colours to choose from. One luminous colour.. Available in 4 packs of 1 colour or 6 packs of 6 mixed random in stock colours.
Appx 110mm - 21g. 

Made from ultra-tough and environmentally friendly TPE 10x material, allowing the plastic to stretch an incredible 10x its original length before even looking like breaking. This makes for an incredibly tough body that can be used again and again, giving lifelike movement.
Rigged with a lead weighted single hook in the head and a size 15# set of assists on the bottom.
Whether you're using it off the bottom, slow trolling, slow pitch jigging or casting, it looks and acts like the real thing.
Fantastic bit of bait for slow jigging and casting. Great for most reef fish, flathead, bream etc
These are a quality product. Each jig has fleck added into the tpe mix. Very well made.

NB-do not store TPE with other types of plastics.