REEF VARIETY BUNDLE. 20 Pack rigged lumo jigs. 60g-120g. + extras

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Excellent value 20 jig pack with a large variety of pre rigged jigs ( random colours), 10 pack of 5/0 short assist hooks and a large custom jig bag. 10x 2" luminous octopus skirts. 5x jig rattles.

 Perfect for chasing reefies such as Coral Trout, Nannys, Reds, Snapper, sweetlip and the likes.

Wide gap lumo short assist hooks 5/0 are the perfect length to add as a second set on most jigs without getting caught up. Ready to fit out of the packet.

Pack includes-

1x 60g 1x 80g 1x100g 1x 120g Backbone jigs

1x 60g 1x 80g 1x 100g 1x 120g Flat fall jigs.

2x 80g 1x 100g 1x 120g Long Tom Jigs.

2x 60g 1x 80g 1x 100g 3D printed Fish Jigs.

4x 80g Shimmer fish Jigs               

10 Pack 4/0 lumo short assist hooks, split rings fitted.

5 pack jig rattles.

10x 50mm lumo octopus skirts

1 Large custom jig bag. 650mm x 270mm.