Paternoster Sabiki rig. 5 Packs. 7#-12# Flathead Whiting Livies

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Shoulie Sabika bait jigs- These are a small baited paternoster style of bait jig with clear tube on each arm to help hold the hook away from the main line giving less tangles. Add you own flash if desired.

Available in 5 packs of one size or 5 pack of 5 sizes. 7# 9# 10# 11# 12# (outside hook width in mm)

Awesome rig for flathead, whiting (King George) etc. Great for catching your bigger lives like slimys, yakka, herring, sweetlip etc.


Anti-Wrap Design;

Handmade Tied; 

High-Strength Carbon steel hooks.

Strong line with wire inner core.

Double Connectors.