Baited Octo Jigs.100g - 300g Wide Gap Hooks.

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 Baited octo Jigs are a design specific jig/bait system. Octo style slow pitch jig.

2 Colours available. Silver and blue/pink. Both with luminous stripes 

100g-3.5oz 150g-5.3oz 200g-7oz 250g-8.8oz 300g-10.6oz.

Super strong and sharp, wide gape 3 ganged hooks.

These have a luminous jig head with a large set of our gangs attached by quality assist cord, covered by a highly luminous squid skirt and bead.

Can be used with or without big baits. This is a proven design jig system, great for presenting a perfect bait to the strike zone quickly, can be slow jigged off the bottom or even just left in the rod holder returns excellent results. Try a whole pilly, fish fillet or whole squid for great results or just use them straight out of the packet.

This style of jig will for sure attract the maximum amount of fish. 

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