SJA Flat Fall Limited Edition BKK- 3 Pack 1x 60g 80g 120g

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3 Pack of our new custom designed flat fall jigs. Rigged with luminous bkk assist hooks

1x 60g  80g 120g. Random colours

5 new exciting, highly effective luminous colours. We incorporated some of the most effective colours and patterns into just 5 jigs.

Extra luminous painted stripes and more clear coats added for longer lasting jig finish.

 BKK 5x hooks are super sharp, strong and rust resistant. These are a perfect match for these jigs.
 Add a second set of custom made short lumo 3/0 bkk assist hooks for that extra chance of a hook up. Ready to go with split ring fitted. Available in 5 Packs. 

Proven slow fall design with a great erratic motion, Even Barra love them. luminous. Flat falls are a slow pitched, center balanced jig that flutters as it falls, mimicking a wounded fish. Great for dawn,dusk and night jigging. They certainly get fish in the esky

Great for no to low current situations