SJA Genuine Stainless Fishing Pliers & 200-Pak. of our Split Rings.

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SJA Genuine Fishing pliers and a 200 pack of our split rings, sizes 5-9. ($16.95 value)

PLIERS--185mm. Produced for us by the manufacturer of leading brand fishing tools around the world. Numerous features include. Stainless internal return spring, Teflon coating,  corrosion resistant  100% stainless steel with comfortable non-slip contoured grips.  Light and comfortable to hold,  a crimping feature,  knot cinching hole,  split ring,   great for hook removal  and come complete with lanyard and sheath with belt loop.

It’s super sharp replaceable tungsten cutters effortlessly snip mono and braid

We put them to the test. You won’t find a better value. We will even buy them back if you are not 100% happy.


SPLIT RINGS--Premium quality flattened 304 grade stainless split rings, Box of 200 pcs. 5 sizes, 40 X each size. 5,6,7,8,9.

We have used these on thousands of our jigs and they have never let anyone down.

Perfect weight and pull rating for assist rigs, vibes, lures etc.

Packed in a convenient box.  Sizes are the outside  diameter.

Certified pull rating -- 5# -11kg / 6# - 17kg / 7# - 28kg / 8# - 35kg / 9# - 43kg- Guaranteed minimum.