SJA BACKBONE RIGGED 8 PACK OF 4 SIZES, 60g,80g,100g,120g

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 8 Pack of 4 sizes , includes two of each size . 60g, 80g, 100g, 120g. Covers a wide range of depths and currents

The SJA Backbone slow pitch jig is highly luminous both sides.

  The action of this jig is super impressive, with the center weighted backbone molded into the back creates a spin and twist on the rise and on the fall it does a barrel roll then erratically shoots off in any direction like a fleeing bait fish.

   One set of our super sharp assist hooks on each jig. These hooks are a perfect match to these jigs without affecting the action of them at all .

   A second set of 4/0 assist hooks can be added to the 60g 80g and 5/0 for the 100g/120g, for that extra chance of a hookup. Recommend size 8# split rings.

   As with any jig we recommend a separate 7.6# solid ring be attached for the leader line

If there is one jig to have in your kit, this is it .They certainly put fish in the esky and work well in no to high current

LENGTHS         60g/110mm--80g/120mm--100g/123mm