3X SJA Long Tom Limited Edition BKK Lumo 120g 150g 200g

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3 Packs of our Limited Edition Xtra Lumo BKK Long Toms.

Rigged with 2 sets of lumo xtra flash BKK assist hooks.

Available in 3x 120g 150g or 200g. Also mixed pack -1x 120g 150g 200g

The slender, center weighted design easily cuts through the water.  it's deadly and ideally suited for higher current and drift. Shallow or deep these jigs are a great option. Producing everything from snapper, pearlies, reefies, reds, kingies and more.

These Long Toms have a well balanced impressive sliding action side to side on the fall and an erratic swinging action on the retrieve. It's extremely versatile and easy to fish in slow pitch and fast applications. It is an absolute murderer and MUST-HAVE in every slow pitch arsenal. Try them at night with a charge from your uv torch, these thing glow forever. Moonlight through the water will keep them glowing.

However this style jig will keep you connected in nearly every depth and condition and attracts even the wariest predators from surface to sea floor.