Nutty Prawn vibes-blades. 5 pack/ 20 pack-14g 11g 7g 5g

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SJA Nutty Prawn- Available in 5 packs or a Mega 20 pack- 5x4 sizes.

14g/70mm 11g/60mm 7g/55mm 5g/50mm

These lures are equipped with super sharp high quality 3x hooks and fitted with highly effective tassels which mimics the prawn tentacles and legs.

The vibe action and unique blade configuration attracts various species of fish in fresh and saltwater environments including Bass, Flathead, Bream, Taylor, Golden Perch and Cod to name a few.

  It can be jigged or cast and retrieved depending on the target species and environment while it's action mimics a fleeing shrimp. It's extremely effective hopped over weeds and rocks or bounced along the shallows. Even great for targeting baitfish.