Slow Fall Bomber. Full Glow. 4 Pack. Mustad. 200-350g

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The Full Glow SJA Slow Fall bomber.

4 pack includes 1x  200g 250g 300g 350g.

  • Comes pre rigged with 2 Ultrapoint Musatd 10881 assist hooks.
  • The wide body creates an erratic flutter action, making the jig more realistic. Two sides of this jig are designed with different shapes, The rear keel style center weight design lets the jig fall to the bottom with a swinging and a darting motion, creating a very slow fall allowing it to hang in the strike zone longer.

    EASY TO USE. Simply free spool the bomber to the desired depth, crank it up 10m, let it fall again and HANG ON! The jig does all the work, easily darting away, wobbling and twisting towards the bottom perfectly imitating a panicked baitfish attempting to get away. The jig’s unique action on the fall entices a reaction bite from all fish with an absolute fury. Get ready to slay!

    The luminous coatings are highly effective at attracting fish from great distances in both high and low light visibility. The slow jig can go down to remarkable depth in pretty strong current, 

  • The Mustad 10881NP-DP UltraPoint Jigging Hooks are strong, sharp and designed to penetrate easily and hook fish up perfectly. Rust resistant.