Snapper Kabura Lumo Jigs. 80g to 200g BKK.

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5 Colours available in 80g 100g 120g 150g and 200g. Mixed skirts.

Luminous Japanese designed Kabura  jigs. 5 different luminous designs. BKK rigged.

Easily converted to a slider style jig.

Each jig comes pre rigged with a decent pair of quality 5/0 BKK assist hooks. (16mm gap).

This style of jig can stimulate an aggressive bite by most species, especially snapper. You can quickly and effectively present a flashy lure to the strike zone, which wafts around enticingly. Snapper are opportunistic feeders, this easy target is often too hard to resist.

 Snapper love a slow moving or still lure to grab, so incorporating pauses in your jigging technique will see you catching more fish. Use movement to attract the fish to your lure, then slow it down or stop it dead still to encourage the fish to move in for an easy meal. 

Like most octo style jigs they can be extremely productive just left in the rod holder. Letting the water and boat movement do the work.