Sword Pack- 6x Strobe Day Lights- 5x 12" Large Head Lumo Octo Skirts.

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Swordfish pack includes 6x strobe/disco sword day lights and 5x green 12 inch luminous skirts

Luminous large head 12" skirts x 5.

We try to choose the best quality and most luminous skirts on the market. These skirts have a larger head than standard, designed to help conceal the baits. Extra glitter. The 300mm green lumo octopus is perfect for dressing swordfish baits.

Strobe/disco deep drop day lights x 6.
 Swordfish deep drop day lights- Water activated strobe, long lithium battery life and effective to appx 1,500 ft Flashes erratically between red, green, blue and white. Strobes attract squid which signal each other using pulses of light. This theory is why Swords are attracted to the lights.