Yoshikawa Live Minnow 5/6 Packs 3D Soft Plastic Paddle Tails. 70mm-120mm.

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Yoshikawa lures makes some of the most exciting and realistic soft plastics in the world.

Available in 120mm/10g-100mm/6g- 80mm/2g- 70mm/2g

Soft plastic Live Minnow paddle tail fish.. 5 colours to choose from. 120mm & 100mm- 5 per pack.. 70/80mm-6 per pack.

Very well made lure with great durability and flexibility, they don't tear easily.

Lifelike Swimming Action: Paddle tail design with super soft quality material brings extremely enticing swimming action to attract any fish. Closely mimics the appearance and swimming action of a real bait fish, exactly what hungry fish cannot ignore.

  • Realistic Details: This shad soft plastic with ultra realistic details. The shad lure has highly detailed fish scale pattern, fish gills and ultra realistic 3D eyes.
  • Japanese flash foil in the belly provides reflection under the water which is good on the days when you need that extra flash, thus attracting more bites.
  • Easy To Setup: You can fish the shad bait with either a weightless hook, jighead, small weighted hook or rig it up on a drop shot with an extra wide gap hook.

  • Works a treat in Fresh or saltwater.

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