Fillet Knives ZENELLI. 6" 7" 8" individual + diamond pocket steel + Folding Knife

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Available in 6" 7" 8" (15cm 18cm 20cm). 

Also 3 Pack of Zenelli knives with DMD diamond pocket steel (6"+7"+8"+ rod) 

4 Pack-3 x Zenelli knives 1x Atisen folding 6" fillet knife and a DMD diamond pocket steel 

The Zenelli Acies range of fillet knives are made with the finest Japanese stainless steel with a Seiko edge. The soft touch TPR rubber handle maintains grip when using the knife providing safety and perfect performance. Zenelli fillet knives have a medium flex blade and are a perfect fish filleting knife. Why not keep a set in the kitchen for those tougher trimming tasks.

  • 20cm 18cm 15cm blades (8" 7" 6")
  • Japanese stainless steel.
  • Medium flex blade.
  • Seiko edge
  • TPR rubber grip handle
  • Webbing sheaths included.
  • 3 Pack includes. 3 Knives/ 3 sizes and one compact pocket DMD (diamond tools co.) Diamond grit steel sharpening rod. Perfect for fishing, bait, pocket, camping knives etc. Meanwhile, it has a sharpening groove for hooks and a shirt pocket clip for storage. Moreover, the diamond rod can be reversed and you can adjust to variable lengths. Easily Fits in your pocket, tackle box, bait board, backpack, glovebox etc.
  • Add an Atisen folding 6" fillet knife.
  • This 6" filet knife is made of 420grade Stainless-Steel with a black corrosion resistant finish. The blade is extremely sharp providing you a clean and accurate cutting. 
  • Durable Non-Slip TPR Handle.
  • Compact Size & Easy Storage . This folding fillet knife has an overall length of 12" but will fold and store in only 9". It's perfect for most fishing, camping or hunting applications and performs like a fixed blade knife but easily stores safely in your tackle box, baitboard, backpack, glovebox, kitchen draw etc.,




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